Travel Planning

We offer two types of travel planning:

  • business/corporate

If you need help with organizing your business trips – you couldn’t choose better. Working together with a logistics company give us plenty of experience to meet all your expectations – airplane tickets, airport shuttle, hotels, trains, meals planning and entertainment.

  • leisure/personal

All anybody wants, when going on holidays, is for everything to go smoothly and stress-free. That’s exactly why you should choose us.

We offer a very personalised service when planning your holiday. We do not offer the ”all-inclusive” predetermined package, rather we plan everything according to your needs. We want you to have an amazing time during your holidays and enjoy every minute of it knowing that every activity and experience was chosen by you and organised by us . If you’re indecisive, we’ll have numerous suggestions and ideas for you. That’s what we do!


Passionate Planning have a great passion for traveling, so we have a wide practical knowledge that we have gained while exploring the world. You can trust us. We will do all we can to make our clients happy!