About us

Passionate Planning was created with a real passion for events and travelling. It seemed as a natural path in the career of someone who loves travelling and planning events.

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Our Passionate team:



Marta Dziklinska – company director, has been organising events since she can remember. She holds CIM qualification in event management. Her passion for organising and planning events such as charity drives and concerts started during primary school and lasts until now. She has a great passion for travelling so she knows exactly what you need when going on your holidays or on a business trip.






Lawrence Erasmus – vehicle & personal logistics coordinator – he has been a successful director of a logistics company for the past seven years and has now teamed up with Marta to create your perfect experience. Lawrence has a degree in psychology and a great passion for working with people.






Lena Krzeszowska – she has extensive knowledge and experience in customer service and as a personal assistant. Herself and Marta met a few years back at an international student association, where they were both project managers. Lena was also a secretary and a member of a revising committee of that organisation which was an exciting experience and helped her to choose a future path and career.